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What: Gender and Development Mainstreaming for BSUCMPC

When: August 11, 2018 (8 AM to 5 PM)

Where: Calajo Food Haus, KM 6, La Trinidad, Benguet

Who: BSUCMPC BOD, Officers, Management Staff, Laboratory Cooperative Officers

Resource Speaker: Ms. Julie E. Tuguinay

The Gender and Development Mainstreaming for BSUCMPC was attended by 46 participants coming from the BSUCMPC BOD, Officers, Management Staff and Laboratory Cooperative Officers. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Julie Tuguinay. The objectives of the activity were as follows:

Identify gender issues and concerns and how these affect men and women relations in all development aspect.
Recognize some relevant gender frameworks as aid for action.
Formulate GAD code for BSUCMPC [ gender mainstreaming]

OVERSEER: Ms. Julienne Marie Dalangey

PARTICIPANTS: 75 Management Staff from 9 primary coops (13 from BSUCMPC)


Benguet State University and Community Multipurpose Cooperative
Besao Multipurpose Cooperative
La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post Multipurpose Cooperative
Treasure Link
Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative
Tubao Multipurpose Cooperative
Kabayan Multipurpose Cooperative
Joseph Multipurpose Cooperative-Kayapa
Bad-ayan Buguias Multipurpose Cooperative

The Staff Congress was organized by the Northern Luzon Federation of Cooperatives and Development Center (NORLU CEDEC) which was designed for the stress management for members of the management staff of participating cooperatives. The three-day affair was wholly directed to appreciating the rugged beauty of nature, relaxing, trekking and at the same time establishing bonds and relationships with other participants whether or not they are members from the same cooperative. It was said that team-development have the strongest effect for improving organizational performance by improving efficiency as well as interpersonal relations.

On the second day, a coop visit was scheduled. The group went to the lone municipality of Socorro, Bucas Grande Group of Islands. The coop visited was Socorro Empowered People’s Cooperative (SOEMCO) formerly known as Socorro Government Officials and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative, a cooperative organized due to the fact that the government employees were victims of informal lenders and were extremely demoralized by others.


Be more patient and understanding when dealing with members and their needs. Language barrier was experienced with the locals during the trip however, it was in our best effort that we tried to understand one another. In relation to this, one way of delivering excellent quality service is to be very patient and understanding towards member’s needs. In addition to providing quality service, “smile always.”

Be challenged. Perhaps if an individual wouldn’t feel challenged, he will never make a risk and will always stay in his comfort zone. However, being in a cooperative is very challenging. Risks have to be undertaken so as to provide better programs and services to the general membership and progress innovatively with time.

Make the impossible possible. Most participants who experienced jumping from a cliff into the water arrived to this insight. When they were up in the cliff looking down at the 50 feet deep water, most wanted to back out. They felt scared and thought that they wouldn’t be able to jump. Nevertheless, there was no way out so they had to face that challenge. Similarly, in a cooperative, management staff will really make things possible for the betterment of the coop as well as the general membership.

The staff should help and support one another. Going to Sohoton Bay, Surigao del Norte wasn’t that easy. Most of the time we had to rely to others for help such as going up the boat, disembarking from the boat, carrying luggage, know how’s in the airport and the likes. Yet, it was observed that even if we didn’t all know each other by names, as long as we knew that we were part of the same crew, it was just comfortable helping and supporting each other regardless of the cooperative we belonged to.

Management and staff supporting the Manager/CEO. It was clear that guidance and direction comes from the Manager/CEO, however, the head won’t be able to provide the proper direction without the support coming from the staff. It’s a reciprocating relationship.
Communication – proper mode, proper channel. Importance of communication was gleaned after a game played. Effective communication is vital in performing the basic functions of management. It is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organization. This paves way to avoid misunderstandings erupting among the staff and the members as well.
Cooperation. Given that we are part of a cooperative; thus we should be masters of cooperation. It really was highly appreciated that participants all cooperated not only in playing games, trekking around the bay, exploring the cove and other activities done. Not only that, but all were keen in following the instructions and warnings of the guides and the overseer throughout the tour. Each and every one was a lookout for the other.

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